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Advent Week 2

On the Road


December 10, 2023 at 6:00:00 PM

SCRIPTURE TEXT: Luke 1:26-48; 2:1-5; Matthew 1:18-25

In the modern world, few of us would undertake a journey of nearly one hundred miles on foot—or even, at best, mounted upon a beast of burden. Yet The Call of Christmas that came to Joseph & Mary entailed exactly that. The challenge to Mary was exponentially greater. For a woman in her final weeks of pregnancy, this journey, unto a place that proved to have “no room in the inn,” as eventuated by Caesar’s census (2:1-3), could be seen as a veritable crisis. Yet the call of Christ that comes to us all through Christmas invites us to open to a supernatural capacity from God that equips us to Carry on in Crisis on the road of life as we follow His leading. The divine mission that once brought the Messiah into the manger, now still brings the light of Christ into our dark world today as we follow that call. And even along that challenging road, the Lord Jesus Himself tends His flock with tender loving care.

Preacher: Pastor Courtney Hall


Sermon Title: "Carry on in Crisis: On the Road"


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