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Sunday Service

The Visions of AMOS


July 14, 2024 at 6:00:00 PM


In the 8th Century BC, the Lord used not a professional prophet but rather a sheep herding fig farmer from Judah named Amos to proclaim some of the most powerful visions of burdens & blessings to the nation of Israel to his north. The burdens were God’s clear-eyed vision of Israel’s sins: despite their military might & national wealth, the nation was infected by its embrace of the idolatry of their neighbors, puffed up with pride yet wreaking wrong against the poor, indulgent & intoxicated with worldly ways, wrapped up in a hollow affectation of religion yet lacking real spiritual integrity. God showed through Amos that the time was growing ripe for His full judgment to be brought to bear on the situation—but the blessings of Amos’ visions also show that it is the Lord Himself who will bear the burden of this judgment in order to bring the blessing of redemption to His own people.

Preacher: Pastor Courtney Hall

Series: The Visions of the Prophets (Pt. 10)

Sermon Title: "Signs of Judgment: The Visions of AMOS"


Bulletin Sermon Slides | Week 29 Bible Study


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