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The Faithful God of Truth

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

By Pastor Courtney Hall

Read Psalm 31:5 closely and you'll find the covenant Name of God (YHWH, the great “I Am,” cf. Exodus 3:14) applied in one of His holy titles, YHWH EL EMET (sometimes rendered as “Jehovah El Emeth”) the LORD God of Truth. The Hebrew word emet can also be translated “faithful.” God is faithful, and those who wait upon Him for His help will be blessed (Isaiah 30:18). And God is indeed faithful to lead those who trust in Him into all truth (cf. John 16:13). Jesus Christ came to testify to the truth so that everyone who truly loves the truth would listen to Jesus’ message (John 18:37), know the truth & be set free by it (John 8:32). Indeed, Jesus IS the truth, the way to life (John 14:6).

Jesus so trusted in Jehovah El Emeth (“God the Faithful LORD” [or “LORD of Truth”]) that in His very last moments when suffering on the Cross, He called out upon that Name & quoted Psalm 31:5 before “He breathed His last” (Luke 23:46).

To the very end, Jesus trusted in God the Father. His cry of faith from the Cross testifies yet still to the truth that Jesus is the beginning of our new life of faith & freedom in the truth of God FOREVER! Amen.

Courtney Hall

June 1, 2021

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