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Praise School of Ministry


April 28, 2024 at 9:30:00 PM

Praise School of Ministry IN-PERSON & ONLINE

PCF-LA operates ​Praise School of Ministry (PSOM), a church-based institute focused on theological, biblical, & missional study in the Christian faith, certified by our mother denomination (the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel), for the purpose of equipping ALL believers in our pursuit of ever-enhancing discipleship as witnesses and workers for our shared commission in the Lord Jesus Christ. ALL believers are to be ministers in our own respective spheres of influence--PSOM exists to further equip us biblically & spiritually for this charge. Credit students who complete a full scope of PSOM courses also receive a diploma and are eligible to pursue ministerial credentialling with The Foursquare Church if they are called to such by the Lord and have demonstrated that calling through appropriate training, diligence, and dedication.

Our NEW course, "The Book of ISAIAH: Prophet of Suffering & Salvation," taught by Pastor Courtney Hall, takes place SUNDAYS APRIL 7 through MAY 19.* REGISTRATION IS OPEN NOW THROUGH APRIL 27.


Instruction & Discussion Conducted In-Person at PCF-LA or Live* Online Via Zoom

Class Meets Weekly* on Sundays for Six Sessions. Students may choose to participate live via Zoom OR *asynchronously (i.e. on their own time schedule via online recordings).

  • ISAIAH: Prophet of Suffering & Salvation with Pastor Courtney Hall: Sundays 2:30-4:30pm (PT)​

Each session we're studying a major section of the Old Testament book of Isaiah, first of the three "Major Prophets" of the Hebrew Bible. The course provides an overview both of Isaiah's text as well as his context in terms of the prophet's biography, setting in time, cultural milieu, use of linguistic & literary forms, and especially the theological themes of his inspired writings. Particular attention will be paid to the distinctives of Isaiah's ministry, personality, & text, as well as his unity with and distinction among the other writing prophets of the Old Testament and in the biblical prophetic tradition as a whole. We will also examine Isaiah's contribution to & interaction with the larger cohesive story of the Scriptures in general, and particularly the impact of Isaiah upon our understanding of the New Testament Messianic fulfillments realized in Christ Jesus. The weekly focus for each class session will be as follows:

  1. Introduction: Overview; The Prophet's Vision & Call (Isaiah Chap. 6)

  2. Part Two: Proto-Isaiah - Warnings & Judgments (Isaiah Chaps. 1-39)

  3. Part Three: Deutero-Isaiah - Exile & Expectation (Isaiah Chaps. 40-55)

  4. Part Four: Trito-Isaiah - Redemption & Restoration (Isaiah Chaps. 56-66)

  5. Part Five: Songs of the Suffering Servant (Isaiah Chaps. 42, 49, 50, 52, 61)

  6. Conclusion: Summary & Synthesis - Understanding the Impact of Isaiah

[It is not necessary to have taken prior PSOM courses to participate in this class.]

*Registration For Our Next Course on Isaiah is now OPEN. Class Sessions: Sundays April 7 through May 19 (*except NO CLASS SESSION ON MAY 12).

Click Here For More Info or To Register | Email:


2235 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90057, USA

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