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Biblical Study Certification

Praise School of Ministry (PSOM) exists to Biblically equip all followers of Jesus Christ to be effective, knowledgeable, trained & prepared, Spirit-filled & Spirit-led witnesses to the life, ministry, and message of Jesus Christ; to know, understand, and teach in the Word of God; and to effectively minister in the gifts and the fullness of the Holy Spirit in our personal & professional lives, spheres of influence, and roles of service in the local church. Those called to prepare for roles of eldership, leadership, and formal ministerial appointment can also find further training at PSOM, but this Foursquare-certified institute is available to & intended for ALL disciples of Jesus to grow as functioning ministers of the Gospel in our daily lives & relationships, according to the call of God.

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Equipping Godly People for Their God-Given Purpose


About the PSOM Program

NOTE: PSOM currently offers courses online only via Zoom. Students can opt for live participation via the Zoom app, or for "asynchronous enrollment" via links to downloadable class recordings.

Praise School of Ministry is a biblical teaching institute whose course offerings are open to all Christians desiring to grow in the knowledge and practice of their faith.  We aim to train and equip followers of Jesus to be faithful disciples & capable leaders, ready to reach every individual in our generation. In fulfilling the Great Commission, we need disciples trained and equipped in all aspects of Christian life, doctrine, service, and ministry. Praise School of Ministry (PSOM) is a focused teaching institute designed specifically to advance individual believers in their personal development & devotion to Christ, service to the local church, preparation for leadership, and potentially even deployment into more intensive forms of ministry such as long-range mission, campus ministry, church leadership, pastoral ministry, and church planting.

Praise School of Ministry is officially certified by the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel as a church-based school of ministry training. Individuals seeking formal licensure and training can complete the entire three-year program as described below, but individuals simply looking for targeted training or deepened discipleship will also benefit from selective enrollment in individual courses for audit or credit; enrollment in a single course is open to all without prerequisites, and does not require a commitment to completion of the entire formal program.

However, some will recognize as they train a call from the Lord to more formal training pursuits & preparation. And so in addition to deepening the devotional life of PSOM students and enhancing their evangelistic, apologetic, & hermeneutical skills, formal completion of the entire three-year program curriculum (for credit) effectively prepares graduates for ministry leadership roles at Praise Christian Fellowship and related Christian works & missions.  Interested graduates may also apply to the International Church of the Foursquare Gospel (ICFG) for a formal Ministerial Credential (contingent upon pastoral recommendation, clear demonstration of a divine call into licensed ministry, and succesful completion of the denominational credentialing process).