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We are Commissioned...

Guest Blog By: Pastor Henjie Pimenta

Hello everybody! Blessings to everyone! I cannot believe that we are almost through with the year 2014; The days passed by so quickly? But one thing that's for sure is the love of Jesus to all of us and how His love is always new in the morning. With His love so fresh and everlasting, how can we ever repay Him? We can't; It will never be enough, even if we combine all of our efforts. But the beauty of this is that He does not require us to repay Him. The grace of God is so wonderful, we can just let Him be God and allow Him to navigate us ,so that, His will and purpose to everyone will take place.

As the world experiences turmoil with the outbreak of deadly diseases like the ebola virus, war in the middle east and other countries, calamities like volcanic eruption in Japan and Philippines, and many more... We, Christians are not surprised about these events. In fact, we anticipate all the calamity, it's just a matter of time ( Matthew 24). But we are not silly Christians that rejoice and celebrate all these things that are happening. But we do allow the Holy Spirit to mobilize us so that He will be made known to everyone.

There is a paradigm shift. The church will not wait for the unbelievers to appear in front of the church door. But the church will appear to the door of the unbelievers, to the community, in public places, to relatives and friends......

someone said: " the Father sent the Son, The Father sent the Holy Spirit, the Father ,the Son and the Holy Spirit is sending the church..." we are commissioned and I encourage everyone that we charge in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

What we will do in Jesus name, will create a dent in the throne of satan, the enemy. It will also create a big party in heaven for the souls that will be restored in the Kingdom of God (Luke 15:10).

Again, we are commissioned and I encourage everyone to charge. Please do not be intimidated in inviting people to church. We are doing a God glorifying thing. And definitely worth martyring for the souls of those we will invite. Your great reward awaits you in heaven.

God bless us all.

in His presence,

Pastor Henjie

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